Joe Trewin
Based in London, United Kingdom

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Planned for May 2015

PC / Mac via Steam
Apple App Store


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Spooky Pooky is a 2D platformer mixing action, exploration and puzzle solving. You take the role of Horatio Bones, a hapless employee of Nefarious Big Science labs who, working late one night, stumbles across The Machine. His organs and fluid are extracted and bottled, discarding him as a living skeleton. Horatio must now wander the complex and the strange world that lies beneath in a quest to restore himself. Along the way he will find and use organs that will grant him additional abilities but at the same time may render him more vulnerable. For example, lungs will enable him to swim in water, but he will then be at risk of drowning.


Spooky Pooky began life around two years ago as an homage to 8-bit platfomers such as Chuckie Egg and Jet Set Willy. Over the intervening period the scope has expanded somewhat to include elements of exploration and discovery.


  • Strange and terrible Machines
  • Weird and wonderful foes
  • Dangerous and strange environments to explore


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About Joe Trewin

I've been making and playing games since Mario first squared up against his simian foe. This fascination with games has been present throughout my life providing an outlet for both technical and artistic creativity. By day I work as the lead software engineer at Can Factory, a UK-based technology design company that also supports my game development endeavours. Other hours are spent making games. Previously I've released QB1-0, an arcade space shooter for iOS. Currently I'm working on Spooky Pooky, a 2D platformer destined for release sometime in 2015.

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