Joe Trewin
Based in London, United Kingdom

Release date:
December 2012

iPhone / iPad


Regular Price:

USD (Tier 1)$0.99
GBP (Tier 1)0.79


QB1-0 is a 2D arcade space shooter game for iOS devices where you can't slow down, you can't stop shooting and, ultimately, you can't survive. Playing as a lone pilot, trapped in space and facing endless waves of enemies, how long before you're overwhelmed? The gameplay is a nod to past classics with short, intense games, neo-retro vector graphics and a control system uniquely tailored to touch screen devices. Features such as always on auto-fire and auto-thrust help deliver a more intense, frantic experience, especially as the difficulty increases. The addition of being able to boost the ship using a simple flick gesture adds depth to the gameplay without over-complicating the controls. The wave difficulty ramps up quickly to encourage a just-one-more-go feeling when it's game over. The name QB1-0 is derived from 'cubewano' - a classical low-eccentricity Kuiper belt object. Yes, space rocks.


QB1-0 is the first release from developer Joe Trewin. It was developed part-time over a two year period with the goal of making a classic, addictive space-shooter.


  • Beautiful particle effects
  • Intense and punishing gameplay
  • Game Center integration featuring Hiscores, Achievements and Challenges
  • Intuitive and simple touch control system


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Selected Articles

  • "... a stylish frenetic arcade shooter with responsive controls, that fills the screen with particles and enemies and bullets"
    - Christian Valentin, Game Mob
  • "Excellent particle graphics and some imaginative additions to the classic game make this a good buy."
    - AppStore review,
  • "Nice graphics, smooth play."
    - AppStore review,

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About Joe Trewin

I've been making and playing games since Mario first squared up against his simian foe. This fascination with games has been present throughout my life providing an outlet for both technical and artistic creativity. By day I work as the lead software engineer at Can Factory, a UK-based technology design company that also supports my game development endeavours. Other hours are spent making games. Previously I've released QB1-0, an arcade space shooter for iOS. Currently I'm working on Spooky Pooky, a 2D platformer destined for release sometime in 2015.

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Joe Trewin

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